Lightworks Ultralight Carbon Seatpost Stopper

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♠️ Lightweight at 8g (vs stock Brompton 28g)

♠️ No more rust

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Introducing, the Lightworks V2 Seatpost Stopper, or more commonly known as the Brompton Lower Stop Disc (LSD).

V2 indicates this is the much improved, 2nd iteration of the Lightworks Seatpost Stopper. 

An absolute must-have on all weight competitive Bromptons.

Like all Lightworks products, these Carbon seatpost stoppersare designed around weight savings, aesthetics, functionality and durability.

Just picking it up, you would feel the weight difference as the Stock LSD from Brompton is more than 3x heavier.

The Lightworks stopper is built with lightweight but oversized aluminum adjusters.
It has full adjustability down to the milimeter and has very decent stiffness.

Lightworks offers the Stopper in 6 different colours, but the anodizing is not all aesthetics. It helps to eliminate a huge rusting problem that occurs on the original steel LSD.

Lightworks uses a lightweight carbon fiber stopper which has better hardness, equating to a longer product life than the softer plastic found on the stock version.

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