RUHM Gear Set V5 for A/C line

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Upgrade your A/C to 7 spds, maximum up 30T.

- AL6061 CNC

- Bearing pulley, improve rolling and shifting

- Adjustable pulley alignment for crispy shifting

- 12T lower pulley

♠️ New features for Derailleur SG V5:

  • Improved hinge axle pins with c-clip
  • Fully enclosed chain guide to prevent chain from dropping
  • Cable hole is enlarged to fit all ferrules

♠️ New features for Tensioner SG V5:

  • Longer tensioner arm to support greater cog size and improved tension when folded
  • Lighter weight: reducer 14% compared with V4 108g to 93g

♠️ Option to upgrade to Ceramic spindle

Price excludes installation