EC Spider for Praxis Crank 110/130Bcd

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Extremely light weight aftermarket spider for Direct mount (3-Bolt) cranks, and designed for 5-arm 110BCD chainrings. These spiders are made of 7075-T6 Aluminium, and machined down to extract every gram of weight saving available.
Compatible with both 1X and 2X setups. 

Besides being the lightest 2X spider, it is also priced the lowest. For comparison, the renowned EE-Wing crank spider is about 20% heavier.

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QUICK COMPARE - Crank Spiders:
Spider (DM3-110, 5arm) Weight (g) Price
EC-Direct Mount 2X 42g 75% more affordable compare to THM
THM M3 Clavicula Spider 43g  
Crane Creek EE-Wing 1X 50g  
Praxis DM3 Spider 2X 66g