6 speed upgrade kit (P/T line+Sram shifter)

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For P line S bar, and T line S or M bar only. 

This kit set is to upgrade P, T, and CHPT3 V4 using:

  1. Using original P/T line wheelset to 6 speed (11/13/17/21/24/28)or
  2. Using any 3rd party wheelset with 4 speed freehub to 6 speed (11/13/17/21/24/28)

Package includes:

  1. Sram shifter (Right side)
  2. H&H gear set
  3. H&H 6 speeds cassette (Black)
  4. KMC X11EL chain (Silver)

♣ Upgrade to Ceramic spindle click here

*price is without installation

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