Brompton Phone Mount with Universal Adaptor

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Smart Ride Ready!

Compatible with:

  • S-type, M-type, H-type, and B75
  • Max phone size: 167mm x 76mm x 9mm
  • all Quad Lock phone cases (sold separately)
  • Universal adaptor (included in this complete kit)

NOT Compatible for T line bikes

This complete kit provides a stable and safe way to mount your phone to your bike allowing for navigation and notifications to be clearly visible whilst on the move.

Mounted in the centre of the handlebars over the stem; the phone mount is Brompton designed and compatible with all current handlebar types.

Made in robust nylon for a sleek black look which is unobtrusive on the bike.

The Patented Dual-Stage Lock makes it quick & easy to attach/detach your device, whilst giving you the peace of mind to know your device is securely locked.

At just 4.5mm thick, the Quad Lock® Universal Adaptor fits seamlessly onto the back of smartphones and cases.