Praxis Doon Carbon (Crank arms)

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Praxis Pro level carbon road crank.
The Doon is the ultimate marriage of lightness, stiffness and versatility.

Thanks to praxis in-house C.R.A.F.T. carbon process a pair of DOON 172.5 arms hits the scale at a feathery 342g.

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♣ Features:
- Lightweight Carbon Arms
- Alloy M30-THRU spindle (30mm/30mm)
- 3 Bolt Direct Mount Compatibility

- Q factor - 147mm

 Compatible with Lightworks chainring for THE BEST weight savings & look (Click here), or Ridea chainring (Click here)

♣ Use it with the EC spider (Click here)

Note: Installation can be done at additional fee (contact us to find out more!)


Brand Crank Arms (Direct Mount) Weight Price
THM Clavicula M3 325g $1,280
Praxis Doon Carbon 335g $480
Praxis Zayante Carbon 385g $380
Crane Creek eeWings Titanium 400g $1,480


QUICK COMPARE - Crank Spiders:

Crank Spiders
Weight (g) Price
Lightworks 1X DM3 Carbon Spider 36g $245
EC-Direct Mount 2X
42g $50
THM M3 Clavicula Spider
43g $210
Crane Creek EE-Wing 1X 50g $70
Praxis DM3 Spider 2X 66g $75